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Solving Modern Nutraceutical Manufacturing Challenges

Published by Sage

How to use Enterprise Management to drive innovation and compliance.

Nutraceutical manufacturing is constantly evolving. It’s an industry growing at a rapid rate, driven by an increasing number of health-conscious individuals who are after the latest dietary supplements which compliment their evolving lifestyles. This has seen today’s nutraceutical manufacturers expand globally more than ever before, opening the door for lucrative new opportunities and competitive prices. But globalization also means complex challenges. A crowded global market means more competition and a rapidly accelerating rate of change. Challenges could include: 

• Pressure to innovate, where keeping costs to a minimum and reducing the time to market is a competitive necessity.

• Negative or misleading news about the industry or particular products.

• Meeting consumer demand for constant product innovation, while also conforming to international safety regulations.

• The need to maintain and improve transparency.

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